Our Pricing

Affordable — Our Pricing rates are very cost-effective because we usually charge on average $200 for any trade takeoff along with trivial adding cost estimate charges.

Our charges are dependent upon the scope of work but due to huge estimation staff at our office, our rates are less than market.

Just upload plans for a quick quotation in the below link, we will review and send a quote in next 5 minutes:

Upload Plans

Specific Trade Takeoff = $200 on average

Whole Residential Building = $500 on average

Turnaround time: 24- 48 hrs. Our turnaround time is usually dependent upon the scope of work but we are rated as the most efficient estimating service in the market.

Accuracy: 100% accurate estimating service. Zip code-based pricing for location specific material and labor rates.

Commercial Estimates

Send us plans at our email, after reviewing the scope of work and size of project.

We will send a quick quotation in next 15 minutes, after acceptance of quotation from the client we will start working on your project.

Industrial Estimates

Our senior engineers and Estimators will review the Scope of Work along with the plans. Only then we will send you the quote for your industrial tenders/bids.

Or just upload plans in the below link, we will review and send a quote in next 5 minutes:

Monthly Construction Takeoff Packages

Are you struggling to streamline the quantity takeoff/construction estimate process in order to submit bids on time? Our slogan “Bid more Win more” really helps small contractors or startup contracting companies. Usually for specific trade contractors like Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Civil Contractors.

Advantages of Monthly Packages

  1. Expense Saving: Cut down estimation costs (in-house estimator salary) by 60%.
  2. 24-48 hrs. turnaround time: Don’t pile up bids, submit bids on time.
  3. Ensure accuracy up to 100%.
  4. Make competitive bids by acquiring expert estimator services.

Call us today at +1 (917) 877-0769 to discuss.

Dedicated Construction Estimator

For startup contractors and construction companies like trade specific contractors i.e. MEP, civil, finishes, drywall, lumber and Insulation contractors etc.

If you are struggling with estimation expenses and your in-house estimator costs huge expenses.

AllState Estimation is offering a dedicated construction estimator who will work for you in our office, provided with 24/7 customer support.

Starting from $1500 per month


  • 176 hours of dedicated estimator per month (8 hours daily for 5 days a week)
  • provide thorough support on weekends.
  • detailed takeoffs with properly defined line items (check Samples) + MARK-UP plans
  • 24/7 Customer Support on email.
  • zip-code based pricing
  • Estimates prepared with such detail as compared to as-built conditions.

If you are planning to hire a construction project estimator, then AllState Estimation is the right option for you!